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What are our kids using?

Your child is exposed more drugs than you realise. Know what to expect and you might be able to help.

Effects: Intoxication, Euphoria and relaxation, Talkativeness, Heightened sensory perception, Feeling of being “free” – escape, Pain relief.
Side-effects: Lung damage (emphysema and cancer), Decreased resistance to infections, Loss of motivation, Memory impairments, Anxiety and panic attacks, Loss of fertility.

MDMA, MDEA (the “disco biscuits” of the 70s)
The history…Developed for use in life-boats, used medically as an appetite suppressant.

Effects: Elation, Exhilaration, Increased energy, Feeling of well-being, Sensual feelings (the love drug),
Rhythmic feelings (rave culture).
Poisoning – what were you taking? Dehydration, Heat stroke, Respiratory failure, Come-downs (Tearful Tuesday), Psychological problems (depression).

The “superman drug”

Effects of the drug: 20-30min rush of euphoria, feelings of well-being, increased confidence, increased energy.
Side-effects: Highly addictive substance + expensive = serious financial consequences. Takes control of person’s life. Irritability, erratic behaviour, paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks.

The force of authority is not enough to stop your teen from using!