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Present Parenting

“Parenting is a mirror in which we get to see the best of ourselves and the worst; the richest moments of living, and the most frightening” –  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Parenting children is a sacred practice. It is a deep process of opening our hearts as we connect authentically and commit to another for a lifetime. This is the most profound and significant self-growth process of our lives, when approached mindfully and consciously.

Parents can become neurotic with “should”s and “shouldn’t”s, leading them to raise children who may know how to fit in but miss the essence of life. I have found that parents want tips and strategies; a prescription for “how to parent”… they want to know if they are doing things “right”, or if their child is “normal” by ticking boxes on the “successful parenting list”.

This is bobbing on the surface of parenting and as a result many children and adolescents feel alienated from others as well as from their own true sense of self. After working with hundreds of parents I have unfolded a heart-based approach that transforms how we approach life, how we treat ourselves and relate to others. It’s about how deeply we can love and be loved and our commitment to love. Mindful and conscious parenting raises our awareness of how we impact on our children and influence their emotional and soulful growth. I believe that children and adolescents flourish with parents who recognize who they really are.

Present Parenting invites you to learn more about “being” a parent and less about “doing parenting” – freeing you to spontaneously enjoy your family, where your son or daughter is experienced afresh, in each moment. This conscious philosophy includes relevant information, advice and useful steps. The full courses help parents with relationship skills, information on the developmental stages; the issues of the adolescent stage as well as conscious communication skills.

The courses provide tools to facilitate clarity on your role in raising your child, understanding what it means to be a teen, getting to grips with the interplay of gender differences, communication (reaching teens in their silence), tackling their anger (and yours) and much more.

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Personal & Professional Leadership Facilitation

Relationships extend beyond the family and into the workspace. I enjoy facilitating growth opportunities in this realm with individuals, small teams and larger groups. I believe we need skills and capacity-building to enable leading by example.

In my workshops you will learn how to anticipate and seize opportunities while broadening your understanding of the complex issues arising in your personal and professional journey. You will leave any workshop with me a more effective leader and change-maker, with deepened insight into relationships, more creative dialogue skills, and clarity of thought and purpose.

Transformation happens when we learn to change our thinking and open our hearts to a more generative way of being.

Group workshop topics cover:


Effective leadership that is enhanced by discovering quality of presence

Conflict resolution through non-violent communication

Relationship-building through appreciative inquiry and conscious communication skills

Developing emotional IQ to raise self-awareness and build empathy

Conversations that matter – skills to deepen levels of listening and encourage authentic and generative conversations

Revealing and unhitching oneself from limiting beliefs

These workshops facilitate a broadening of all ways of “knowing” (sensorial, emotional and intuitive aspects) using Appreciative Inquiry, Psychodrama and Constellations work to inspire creative thought processes. Techniques like Theory U & Presencing, World Café, Open Space Technology and Systems Thinking, as well as engaging interactive techniques, unlock “conversations that matter”. My eco-facilitation skills and holistic ecological worldview challenge reductionist and materialistic thinking.

I have presented on climate-change awareness, consumerism and the psychological drivers that prevent change; developed branding and values documents, and spoken to a number of organisations including YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) South Africa and Malta, the Smollen Group representing Unilever, Yabonga Aids Charity, Childline, Singita Group, Cecile & Boyd Group, Smile Group, Woolworths Mothers’ Forum and Associated Magazines (Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, House & Leisure, Good Housekeeping magazines). A list of all groups and presentations is available on request.

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“Only in reciprocity with what is Other do we begin to heal ourselves.” – David Abram (author of ‘Becoming Animal’ and ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’)

Ecopsychology includes and overlaps with many aspects of psychology and ecology yet it is always concerned with human-environment relationships. It is a context for healing the much-vaunted human-nature split. It offers therapeutic practices in wilderness areas to help people express and heal their connections to nature, as well as offering indoor opportunities to discuss the ecological challenges and despair we feel about the ecological crisis.

Certain methods of psychotherapy can elevate the capacity to think and symbolise over and above a bodily knowledge. Ecopsychology includes the body as a place of earth’s wisdom. We humans are part of nature. Each time we eat or breathe we can see how intimately we are connected to our surrounding ecosystem. We are animals, with instinctive natures and sensual desires. We often speak of our own “inner nature” and the importance of being in tune with a kind of ecosystem within.

 My psychology practice has recently embraced ecopsychology and I have completed an MSc in Holistic Ecology at the well-known Schumacher Institute in the UK. I furthered my studies by completing a month-long Eco-facilitation course with Jenny Mekwen, a facilitators’ course with Transition Towns Totnes, as well as in-depth training with the Natural Change project.

A deep love of the earth and its ecosystems inspired this desire to learn from nature and complex adaptive systems. I now use my skills and experience to help discover wider solutions and insights into the human-environment interface. My holistic, ecological worldview challenges reductionist and materialistic worldviews.

Embodied experiences, not just cognitive knowledge, are necessary to ignite real change. I run various groups using a method I’ve devised called “deep-time presencing”, which demonstrates ecological thinking.

I offer group-work and consultation services on-site, as well as off-site in natural, wilderness areas. These immersions can be tailored to any grouping – I have led workshops for adults, and immersion experiences for families. I am looking forward to leading my first “Moms and Sons in the Wilderness” at Pinda Game Lodge, South Africa.

Immersion workshops

There are three sections to the workshops – Soil, Soul and Society – offering transformational learning opportunities that engage cognitive, social, emotional and ecological intelligences.


You will

Experience transformational learning for 21st -century problems.

Discover an antidote to the fear and hopelessness present when we are inactive and silent about issues.

Be mentored and coached in reflexive thi­­­­nking, dialogue and expression of these experiences.

Learn by doing: being in the field, head, heart and hands. Identify, explore, discover, imagine, envisage.

Learn defined leadership skills, and practise them throughout the programme.

Develop a participatory and meaningful relationship to the natural world.

Learn about socio-ecological issues: the state of the planet, climate change, eco-system imbalances, evaluating your ecological footprint, social impact of the ecological crisis, the green economy and the role of ecopsychology.

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