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After working with hundreds of parents I have unfolded a heart-based approach that transforms how we approach life, how we treat ourselves and how we relate to others. It’s about how deeply we can love and be loved and our commitment to love. Mindful and conscious parenting raises our awareness of the impact we have on our children and our influence on their emotional and soulful growth, and builds relationships. I believe that children and adolescents flourish with parents who recognise who they really are.

My parenting programmes are journeys that begin with self-awareness; participants are then guided on steps towards the
development of an open mind, open heart and open will, a “big-picture” perspective, problem-solving and action plans.
Mechanisms include discussions, dialogues, sharing, guided introspection and interactions that deepen conversation and
listening skills (and thus relationships) through conscious, focused presence development.

Learning what to DO only comes from learning HOW to BE. During my programmes, participants discover the steps that enable
parent insights. The programmes reveal that the principles of “I am, I can, I have and I choose” are tools that build confidence
and awareness of your capacity and abilities in doubtful times. These are tools you can share with your child. You will learn to
bring clear intentions and your core values to your parent challenges. There is a powerful shift that happens when, instead of
focusing on the problem, we move our attention to our intention, positive values and awareness: your perspective broadens
and space unfolds for solutions and mindful response rather than impulsive reaction.

Many parents have found that my parenting programmes help them with relationship skills, information on the developmental stages; the issues of adolescence as well as conscious communication skills, with relevant information, advice and useful tips. I provide tools that bring clarity to your role in raising your child, understanding what it means to be a teen, getting to grips with the interplay of gender differences, communication (reaching teens in their silence), tackling their anger (and yours) and much more.

Learn more about “being” a parent and less about “doing parenting” – free yourself to spontaneously enjoy your family, where your son or daughter is experienced afresh, in each moment.

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Parenting Courses

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

For mothers of teen boys

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Mothers and Daughters

For mothers of adolescent girls

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Laying The Foundation

For parents of young boys (6-11yrs)

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