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Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

The Crowther Centre at Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne brings you a recommended Course for Mothers of Teenage Boys!

called “Strong Mothers – Strong Sons”.

Developed by Megan de Beyer, a psychologist, parenting expert and mindfulness coach.

Who can attend: Brighton Grammar mothers who are mothers of teenage boys AND mothers from the wider community.

Date: 15th November 2019
Time: 4pm – 6:30pm on Friday, 15th November followed by a 9am – 5pm session on Saturday, 16th November.

Venue: The Wellbeing Centre, Brighton Grammar School, Cnr Allee & New Streets, Brighton, Victoria, 3186, Australia
Cost: Please Email The School

Closing Date of Registration: 08th November 2019

For any Enquiries email Cherie Harrington:

Melbourne Contact Number: (03) 8591 2208

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About the Course:

As a mother, you want to have a connected, meaningful relationship with your teenage son and yet allow him autonomy, independence and maleness. The programme deepens a mother’s understanding of her son and offers advice on how to approach, communicate and deal with him in a way that allows him to become a strong and caring man.

My parenting programmes are journeys that begin with self-awareness; participants are then guided on steps towards the development of an open mind, open heart and open will, a “big-picture” perspective, problem-solving and action plans. Mechanisms include discussions, dialogues, sharing, guided introspection and interactions that deepen conversation and listening skills (and thus relationships) through conscious, focused presence development.

Learning what to DO only comes from learning HOW to BE. During my programmes, participants discover the steps that enable parent insights. The programmes reveal that the principles of “I am, I can, I have and I choose” are tools that build confidence and awareness of your capacity and abilities in doubtful times.These are tools you can share with your son. You will remind yourself of your intention and core values and learn to bring these to your challenges. There is a powerful shift that happens when, instead of focusing on the problem, we move our attention to our intention, positive values and awareness: your perspective broadens and space unfolds for solutions and mindful response rather than impulsive reaction.




4:00 pm: Tea, Registration and Welcome.
4:15 pm: Intro to Conscious Parenting & Reflective Worksheets.
4:45 pm: Masculinity & a Mom’s Guide to Testosterone Q & A.
5:15 pm: Tea, light snack & fruit.
5:30 pm: Male Mental Health and Adolescent Development.

DAY 2:

9:00 am: Opening
9:15 am: Impact of Substances and Video Material.
10-10:30 am: Tea & snack.
10:30 am: Being intentional, mindful presence and values as coaching tools.
11:30 am: Social Life: Boys’ Emotions & Sexuality.
12:30 pm: Lunch.
1:30 pm: Social Media and Screen Time.
2:30 pm: Communication Skills & Exercises.
3:30- 5:00 pm: Q&A: Masculinity and Raising boys incl. Parenting Styles, Intentions and Commitments.


For more information please contact Cherie Harrington:


The course includes lectures, practical tips, discussions, role-plays and time for questions.

The topics covered are:

  • Being a teen and the struggle for his way.
  • Communication – reaching him in his silence.
  • A son’s demand for more freedom and a mother’s role.
  • Masculinity, gender differences and testosterone defines a male.
  • Good relationships with ‘self’, community and the environment.
  • Sex, drugs, parties and social media – how to mentor.
  • Conscious parenting – your past and present.
  • Tackling boys’ emotions – your anger and his.

Megan de Beyer |MA (Psychology), MSc (Holistic Ecology) – has run an established psychology practice in Cape Town & Durban for 24 years. She has participated in numerous international conferences on psychotherapy and alternative healing. She has worked at various psychiatric clinics. She has presented at local, and international, conferences on raising teenagers.

In 1999-2001 she ran “Bringing soul to life” workshops around SA. Since 2003 Megan has written for every major women’s magazine in SA. She has frequently been interviewed on radio (SAFM, Cape Talk, 702). She presently has a small private practice in Cape Town and has successfully developed 4 parenting courses: “Strong Mothers-Strong Sons”, “Laying the Foundation”, “Conscious and Compassionate Fathering” and “Mothers & Daughters” which she offers at schools around South Africa & in California, Australia & USA.

She has spoken to hundreds of mothers and fathers about conscious parenting. Megan was the teen expert at and co-launched The Village FB site for parents of teens where you can read her advice. Her interest in Eastern philosophies has lead her to study Advaita Vedanta. She is also a qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Her recent interest in sustainability qualifies her as an Eco-psychologist and facilitator. She is the mother of 2 young men.

For any Enquiries email Cherie Harrington:

What our mothers had to say

“The courses provide clarity on: your role as parent; understanding what it means to be a teen; getting to grips with the interplay of gender differences; communication; tackling their anger (and yours) and much more. From the UK to the US and South Africa, the response from participating parents is relief. Parents speak of restored confidence, a better understanding of their children, and real results.”

- Tim Jarvis, Michaelhouse Boys High School Psychologist

“Megan is truly a remarkable person … smart, passionate, relatable, humorous. Her approach in helping guide our group of parents with teenage girls brought such insight and perspective. I left feeling more empowered and eager to share my teen’s journey and maybe even learn more about myself along the way too ;)”

- Pam, San Francisco

“I have learned so much and already beginning to see the rewards of a different approach with my eldest son. Our entire family is benefiting. Life is just “lighter”; conversations are more fruitful and generally there is more intimacy and laughter.”

- Norma Yates, Bishops mother

“I consider this workshop a must, for all mothers.”

- Tsitsi Musasike, Jhbg. Mother

“If you have published a book about your parenting philosophies and tips, I would be very pleased to know so that I could order one.”

- UK mother

Here’s a group of mums discussing the challenges of teen boys. I interviewed them following one of my Strong Mothers and sons courses. click on the link below

Raising Sons Right.

Listen to Megan's Radio interview on Mindfulness and Parenting.