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I am a psychologist with 20 years in the field. My varied experience includes individual, family and group psychotherapy using a multidisciplinary yet in-depth approach. I have a natural radar for the core motivations of human behaviour.

It brings me much joy to help others discover clarity or insight into their complex human existence. I am also committed to help others discover the path of effortless action that will help them unravel tough situations with ease. I am motivated to bring harmony and clarity into others’ lives and to offer tools that I know to work.

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Connections Through Self-Realisation

Most psychosocial theories talk about the progressive stages of psychological development, from immaturity to a mature, adult self. Many of these theories include physical, emotional, moral and vocational phases – the well-known psychologist Maslow focused on a hierarchy of needs, or how needs and values progress over time.

My interest is the growth of self-awareness and how that occurs within relationships over the course of our life. Self-realisation or actualisation requires an extension of human identification beyond humanity to include the non-human world. Yet to locate ourselves within the world by knowing our true home within the world around us, we need to first strengthen our sense of ourselves, our place within the world.

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What parents say about my parenting courses

“Thank you so much for the wonderful parenting workshop in Jersey today. I have come away full of knowledge and inspired to look at my parenting from a slightly different perspective. I am so pleased to have attended.” – Karen Clark

“I attended your Strong Mothers Strong Sons course at Michael House this week and would like to thank you. I feel empowered to put into practice the various strategies you showed us and feel that I understand my son so much better. I feel I can deal with the situations that will present themselves in the future with a lot more insight.” Suzie Smart

“Megan is truly a remarkable person … smart, passionate, relatable, humorous.  Her approach in helping guide our group of parents with teenage girls brought such insight and perspective.  I left feeling more empowered and eager to share my daughter’s journey and maybe even learn more about myself along the way too.” – Pam

“I just want to thank you for delivering an amazing course. I am so glad I made the time to attend. I have learned so much and am already beginning to see the rewards of a different approach with my eldest son. Our entire family is benefitting.” – Norma Yates

“I am still in awe of all I learnt last week!  I have started implementing certain ways of thinking and have improved my mothering ability already!”

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative course.  It was just what I needed to wake up to the fact that my son is a young man with his own identity, and has changed the way I respond to him.  I look forward to the next few years with him and I feel more equipped and strengthened to navigate through these teenage years.” – Lynda

“Thank you so much for this most valuable course.  I feel I have gained enormously from your invaluable knowledge, support, techniques and approaches and must mention just how at ease you made us all feel. This is the second time I’ve attended the course. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, you are such an inspiration to us moms of boys and a special thank you to you for everything.” – Jenny Gilson

“I benefitted very much from this course. It highlighted that my son is perfectly normal, facing things that are a little frightening (alcohol and drugs) for us both, but that he needs to find his own way with a sense that he is trusted by his parents, that he has the freedom to start making his own decisions and that we will support them, despite any personal anxieties. It also entrenched the importance to him of knowing that he is loved and his need for the total security of being able to come back home and discuss what he would like to with the knowledge that it will be in the spirit of sharing, never condemnation.“

“A huge thank you for your inspiring and thought-provoking course. I am in my third year of studying Psychological Counselling and so valued your interactional approach, Megan, in bringing so much of what I have learnt into tangible practice. The lessons in communication were invaluable! It was especially refreshing to hear someone in your profession questioning teenage drinking. Thank you for the passion and genuineness you brought to the course. I feel privileged to have been able to participate and hope you go on to reach many more parents coping with these difficult years – at least I have some more equipment to deal with it all!” – Tanya Adey

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