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Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

Brighton Grammar School brings you a recommended Course for Mothers of Teenage Boys, called “Strong Mothers- Strong sons”.

Developed by Megan de Beyer, a psychologist, parent expert and mindfulness coach. Book for the weekend of 10th & 11th Novemeber 2018 (8am- 4 pm daily). @wellbeing Centre, Brighton Grammar school, 90 Outer Crescent Brighton Victoria 3186 Australia

If you are a mother of a son, attend this course.

The course includes lectures, practical tips, discussions, role-plays and time for questions.

The topics covered are:

  • Being a teen and the struggle for his way
  • Communication – reaching him in his silence.
  • A son’s demand for more freedom and a mother’s role.
  • Masculinity, gender differences and testosterone defines a male.
  • Good relationships with ‘self’, community and the environment.
  • Sex, drugs, parties and social media – how to mentor.
  • Conscious parenting – your past and present.
  • Tackling boys’ emotions – your anger and his.

Megan de Beyer | MA (Psychology), MSc (Holistic Ecology)

Is an international Psychologist and group facilitator. She has facilitated many successful and well subscribed “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” courses at most independent boys school in South Africa.

She also runs mothers and daughters courses. She has been invited to California and UK; as well as presenting at conferences on parenting. See her articles on and on The Village, a Facebook group she founded with Vanessa Raphaely. She is a mother of two young men. Her further studies include Ecopsycholgy & mindfullness.

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What our mothers had to say

“The courses provide clarity on: your role as parent; understanding what it means to be a teen; getting to grips with the interplay of gender differences; communication; tackling their anger (and yours) and much more. From the UK to the US and South Africa, the response from participating parents is relief. Parents speak of restored confidence, a better understanding of their children, and real results.”

- Tim Jarvis, Michaelhouse Boys High School Psychologist

“Megan is truly a remarkable person … smart, passionate, relatable, humorous. Her approach in helping guide our group of parents with teenage girls brought such insight and perspective. I left feeling more empowered and eager to share my teen’s journey and maybe even learn more about myself along the way too ;)”

- Pam, San Francisco

“I have learned so much and already beginning to see the rewards of a different approach with my eldest son. Our entire family is benefiting. Life is just “lighter”; conversations are more fruitful and generally there is more intimacy and laughter.”

- Norma Yates, Bishops mother

“I consider this workshop a must, for all mothers.”

- Tsitsi Musasike, Jhbg. Mother

“If you have published a book about your parenting philosophies and tips, I would be very pleased to know so that I could order one.”

- UK mother

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Here’s a group of mums discussing the challenges of teen boys. I interviewed them following one of my Strong Mothers and sons courses. click on the link below

Raising Sons Right.

Listen to Megan's Radio interview on Mindfulness and Parenting.